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Delia is a Southern California native born in Los Angeles Ca, from parents that migrated to the United States from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, with a great deal of focus and ambition to tap into the American dream, both parents came from humble beginnings that worked extremely hard to push their family forward. 

Delia is one of five siblings and growing up with moments of lack was not easy.


Delia got her first taste of the benefits to working hard at the age of 14 while employed at a Mexican restaurant. By age 15, she quickly gained experience, recognition, and a promotion to manager.


Nothing in life comes for free you will pay with your sweat, your heart or your dignity” Stand and rise above all adversities

-Delia Monarch-


 Her parents instilled a true example of what the journey to achieving success, looks and feels like.  That upbringing included humble beginnings with culture and pride of being a first-generation Latina, working towards her dreams.]


The adage that it takes a village to raise a child, rang true in her case. The influence of the strong women in her life is something that would prove to be a key in shaping the woman and mother she would eventually become.


Delia was an average student who was less interested in academics and more interested in working towards her dreams. Against all odds, Delia made her debut in the business world at the ambitious age of 20 she began working for one of the biggest cosmetic companies on the West Coast.


Delia was determined to turn all adversities in her life into opportunities in her professional environment. She advanced quickly, becoming the Executive Assistant to the President of the company. Working on the side of companies like Proctor and Gamble, TIGI, Jafra and other worldwide brands, Delia met the man who would become her future husband.

Together, the newlyweds set out to embark on life and entrepreneurship together.


Their backgrounds, combined experiences, and shared work ethic gave way to the creation of their very own staffing agency.


Sales was on her mind and she hit the pavement running taking her office from zero sales to obtaining multimillion-dollar contracts.

Delia remembers sitting in her car in front of huge buildings afraid to walk in and introduce herself she was terrified of being rejected. After overcoming her fears, she was unstoppable.


The marriage came to an end after 10 challenging years. Delia decided this was not the life she wanted to wake up to, and by the age of 32, divorce was simply unavoidable.

With two beautiful daughters, and her entrepreneurial experience of building a multimillion-dollar business from scratch, Delia realized she had what it takes to continue growing, learning, and succeeding. With a passion for interior design, she went back to school and enrolled in a private design school to get her from passion to professional once again.

She shortly became the proud owner of Le Monarch Designs LLC.

Today, Delia is the Founder and CEO of Le Monarch LLC, an online site featuring home improvement contractors, Design, Home Staging, Drop shipping a company built from a childhood dream.


In 2019 a life experience sparked the beginning of a podcast called “You Deserve Fresh Lettuce”


Rachel and Delia are long time, friends who have supported each other through the toughest of situations. Together they have teamed up each week to share powerful lessons they have learned about relationships, marriage, divorce, faith and more. Sipping coffee and tequila helps them bring laughter and perspective to even the toughest of topics. Learn more about Rachel and Delia.


To learn more about YDFL Podcast click the link below.


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